Our Services

    Delphi Data Analytics is a consultancy specialized in providing training and solutions in the field of data science. We partner with clients in an extensive range of industries from around the Middle East, to help them solve their unique problems, and optimize their decisions by unlocking valuable insights buried deep within their data.

    Training and Education

    Data literacy is vital for success in today's world. Without employees who can unlock the potential of data, organizations today could struggle to maintain a competitive edge, as more and more establishments ride the wave of data analytics. Delphi data analytics can provide your organization with tailor-made training programs that target any level of employment, whether in managerial or technical roles. These programs will equip your employees with skills and tools that include but are not limited to: data mining, data preparation, data visualization, and predictive modeling.

    Data Analytics

    The integration of data analytics into the decision making process of any organization, leads to quantum leaps in terms of its productivity, agility, ROI, and thus profit gains. The performance of all the traditional functions of an organization can be greatly boosted by different sorts of analytics, such as: employee churn, marketing segmentation, predictive maintenance, sales forecasting, sentiment analysis of your brand on social media to name only a few. Delphi Data Analytics can provide you with tailor-made client applications built on top of your data warehouses that can compliment and boost the decision making process in your organization.

    Big Data Strategy

    The big data technology landscape is highly unstable with new technologies and paradigms emerging almost spontaneously and replacing old ones in the course of few months. Delphi Data Analytics provides advisory services on which technologies are stable and optimal for your specific case. In addition, Delphi Data Analytics can provide you with a wide range of services that facilitate the transformation of your organization into a data driven one, such as advice on the best way to create data science teams and integrating them into the overall structure of the organization.



    We live in a time when data is being generated at phenomenal rates. Therefore it is imperative for the survival and success of any organization today to tap into relevant data, for the purposes of optimizing their every action, decision, and strategy. Nonetheless many organizations are unable to go down this road, simply due to a severe lack in the expertise and skills required. It is with this as a background story that Delphi Data Analytics was founded. Operating out of Amman, Jordan, we are especially focused on filling this vacuum in the Middle East, where we intend to become the one-stop shop for data analytics. Our team comprises experienced professionals, collectively covering a wide range of expertise, and are eager to help you tackle the hardest of your data oriented problems. We say problems, but we tend to think of them as growth opportunities waiting to be unlocked.

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